Did They Vote

How does this application work?

While voting is open, the state periodically releases updates indicating which voters have cast ballots. The application is connected to those data updates.

The information only indicates if a ballot has been cast or not.  It does not indicate how a voter voter.

When you run our app, here is an overview of what happens

  1. You authenticate with facebook giving the app permission to examine your friends list
  2. The app examines your friends list and uses an algorithm to obtain the best match to their corresponding state voter record.
  3. The app displays a list of matches who have not yet voted for you to see.

Once you see this list of matches, you can click “Message” to send them a facebook message to remind them to vote.

What happens once they vote?

After their ballot is received by the state, the data files the app uses will be updated accordingly. Once this happens, they will no longer show up as a non-voter.

Note: This can take a few days.

If I see no matches, does this guarantee that all of my friends voted?

No.  The application does its best to match your friends to voters, but it is not always perfect.  The app has also been configured to only pay attention to a progressive subset of the state voters.

It may be that the app cannot match a friend to a voter record with enough confidence, or that voter may not be part of the progressive subset.

As a result, these names will not show up in your matches list.

What do I do if I need help?

If you experience technical difficulties, please contact TECH@DDDD with as much information about the problem you experienced as possible.